Working for First Action We are a very busy Group of companies and always looking for good engineers in all trades operating throughout the UK If you work for us you can be confident You will be selected because you are one of the best. Unless you are confident that you are one of the best home maintenance engineers around then don’t apply for work with us. 1st Action Engineers are given lots of opportunity to be well rewarded for their efforts but it is no place for wasters or anyone who thinks that they can get away with sharp practices. [...]


Example of tiling works


Example of tiling works. Job was completed a few weeks ago

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Boiler Plus – A new Government Scheme – What is it?


From 6th April 2018 the legislation coming in the heating manufacture and installation in the UK and there are some huge changes. Boiler Plus requires all new boiler installs to have a minimum ERP efficiency of 92% Homeowners and installers must then select from four different energy-saving measures to work alongside this: Lead Compensation controlWeather compensation UnitSmart thermostat Like Nest, VRT 50 etc Flue gas heat recovery Homeowners who knowingly allow non-compliant work to be carried out could also face prosecution and fines of up to £5,000.

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It’s going to be a grey, wet week!


We have good availability for heating engineers or plumbers this week so dont suffer in silence, let us know and we will send someone out within 2 hours!

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A New Government and New ideas?


A new way of Government British Prime Minister David Cameron and the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg British Prime Minister David Cameron and the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg They are telling us that it was our choice to have a coalition although I’m not sure how they can call that one. It seems to me that there was no party with the ideas or imagination to convince us. With that in mind I have to say that I personally am quite pleased with the way that David and Nick are talking and just hope that neither of their parties start [...]

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A 1st Action Poll on female plumbers


Do you think there should be more women plumbers in London? At a time when all the media is talking about the Polls and the importance of voting we give you the opportunity to vote on really important issues. Let us know what you think about women plumbers for London? Should plumbing be left to the men? Would you feel more comfortable if it was a lady who turned up to sort out your gas boiler?

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So The Boiler Scrappage Scheme is over!


35,000 New gas Boilers installed in the UK in Boiler Scrappage deal 125,000 new boilers and £50 million pounds, wherever did that go to so quickly? On the 15th March they were telling us that 118,000 vouchers had either been issued or were being dealt with but that only 35,000 new boilers had been installed. If you have a Boiler Scrappage Voucher and have not chosen an installer! If you are looking for a good firm of boiler engineers to install it for you call us on 0800 1 123 999. Be careful before you accept one of these offers from [...]

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1st Action Lead the way in Boiler prices


1st Action make the Best Value offers for new Boilers in the UK At the time when we are being bombarded by special add on deals by British Gas and E on, 1st Action have come out with a series of really exceptional deals for new replacement High Efficiency Condensing Combi Boilers that beat the market. Great Energy Savings With stories of huge savings in energy costs for the new boilers and growing concerns over carbon monoxide poisoning it is recognised just how important it is to have a modern high efficiency boiler running your hot water and heating system. Boiler [...]

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A Happy New Year to all our Customers and Engineers


No holiday for the heating Engineers Its been a busy holiday period for us particularly as the weather has suddenly become wintery. Our heating and boiler engineers have been out throughout the holiday period. We would like to thank all the engineers in London who gave up their own holidays to provide the emergency boiler and heating service for us and our customers over Christmas and the New Year. We realise just how unpleasant it can be if you have the family at home and the heating lets you down. Why does it always happen at Christmas? Perhaps even worse are [...]

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Christmas Emergency Plumbing and Heating Service in London


An Emergency Service for Christmas Day and Boxing Day for London We are operating an emergency plumbing and heating service in London and the Home Counties throughout the Christmas Holiday. Although the service may be limited as some spare parts my not be available during the shutdown on Christmas we will have our operators in the Call Centre and engineers available to deal with your emergency heating and plumbing disasters over Christmas – Call us on 02070600707 if you need our emergency service

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