1st Action make the Best Value offers for new Boilers in the UK

At the time when we are being bombarded by special add on deals by British Gas and E on, 1st Action have come out with a series of really exceptional deals for new replacement High Efficiency Condensing Combi Boilers that beat the market.
Great Energy Savings

With stories of huge savings in energy costs for the new boilers and growing concerns over carbon monoxide poisoning it is recognised just how important it is to have a modern high efficiency boiler running your hot water and heating system.
Boiler Offers

The boiler offers are simple to understand. Boiler Prices that include installation and commissioning are given inclusive of VAT

What is included is clearly laid out and what is not included is also clearly shown.
1st Action Lead the Way

The company realise that these are specific offers and will not be what everyone needs but 1st Action are determined to lead the way in providing the very best value for money boiler installations.
Chairman promises Quality Boilers at rock bottom prices!

Chairman, Richard Clarke said ” We are determined to have a transparent policy on the true cost and value of our boiler installations.

We feel that many of the offers being made by some of our competitors misrepresent the true value of the offer. We believe that our customers want to know exactly what it will be costing them and thats just what we will tell them.

Our new internet offer is less than we have ever offered before so our customers benefit. These are top quality top manufacturers boilers at rock bottom prices. Please go to our Boiler Offers page and see the details.”

Orders can only be taken through a special number that has been set up to deal with the extra demand