A Gas Boiler – at the heart of every home
How much do we now take for granted that our homes will be warm and the water hot when we turn on the tap?

Old Gas Boilers

For those of old enough to remember when the water was either heated on an open fire or produced by a back boiler behind the fire the modern phenomenum of a constant supply of warmth and hot water is one of the greatest advances in comfortable living.

In the workplace and in the schools we had great big boilers fired usually by coal and then oil that needed to be maintained by the caretaker. These monstrous boilers had the benefit of their own room – the famous or infamous ‘boiler room’

Even a large or even medium sized house had to have a room to house the boiler. Some were fired by coal or coke, some by oil and some by gas but each based on large cast iron boiler chambers that seemed to generate lots of waste heat and lots of dust and grime.

Modern Boilers
How different today!

A modern combi condensing boiler to provide both hot water and heating to every room in the house sits unobtrusively in the kitchen and almost without sound we expect it to run indefinitely and without any attention from us.

We expect it to use minimum fuel and burn so cleanly that it does not emit any unburned gasses into the atmosphere and certainly nothing into the room either smells or dirt.

There is a tremendous range of gas boilers available now and as a combination boiler doesn’t need a hot water tank it is a lot less complicated plumbing installation that takes up room in the house. Please check our cheap boilers.

A new Boiler
gas boiler
gas boiler

Having said all this our advice is definitely that you should not take your water heating boiler for granted. Modern boilers are much more efficient than old ones – if you have an old type boiler, consider having it changed. Your old one could be burning your money and there are many gas boilers available on the market to choose from.

Boiler And Gas Boiler Servicing
Even if you do have a new efficient gas boiler don’t ignore it and expect it to look after your home indefinitely. Just like everything else in your home it does need some attention even if infrequently – Have it serviced at least once a year by a qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineer and it will keep working without fuss keeping you and your family warm in winter and supplying endless hot water.

Call us on 08001 123 999 and have your boiler inspected before it lets you down

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