Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant Combination Boilers or Combi Boilers
Vaillant are probably one of the leading suppliers of combination boilers or combi boilers in the UK. They have al reputation of reliability. These Combis provide hot water and central heating by directly heating water from the mains, this eliminates the need for separate water storage tanks and makes installation relatively easy. A combi system is more efficient than some conventional water-heating systems and can significantly lower energy bills as well being more environmentally friendly.

The Vaillant Boiler Range
Valiant Boilers are offered in the ecoTec range of combis: ecoTEC exclusive, ecoTEC plus 937, ecoTEC plus and ecoTEC pro.

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Environmentally friendly Boilers
Valiant pride themselves on their environmentally-friendly combis and they are all in excess of 90% efficient. These Vaillant boilers are all classed in the A Band under the SEDBUK (“Seasonal Efficiency in Domestic Boilers in the United Kingdom”) guidelines.

Vaillant Boilers compact and straightforward to install
These Vaillant combi boilers are all compact and along with Valiant accessories are particularly straightforward to install. There is a choice of output between 19kW and 30kW.

The outputs recommended depends on the household’s hot water needs. Valiant Combi boilers are also designed to be easy to use and their built-in status and diagnostic display helps to make them very user friendly.

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