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A modern combi boiler is expected to sit in the corner of the kitchen and make practically no sound whatsoever. Whilst doing this, it is expected to provide a consistent supplies of hot water and heating throughout the household.

First Rate Boilers

The cheap boilers we supply are all extremely efficient and work to the highest standard in today’s market. They use a very small amount of fuel so that there is no wasted gas that might possible be released into the atmosphere or worse yet, your home. 1st Action have been working in South West London for well over seventeen years now and have been repairing, installing and servicing boilers in South West London the whole time. This valuable experience has helped us become the industry leader in which we are today.

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Possible Dangers with South West London Boilers

During the past 20 years or so in South West London, 1st Action have witnessed the advance of science and this has led to more individuals becoming more aware of the potential dangers of a sub-par boiler.

Flawed Boiler Installations

In years gone by, we have paid visits to flats where there has been a very old boiler fixed on the wall. This either will give the house boiling hot water or nothing at all. Under the modern day standards, many of the boilers in South West London properties would be deemed as dangerous.

Any time that 1st Action makes a visit we always thoroughly inspect the installation of the boiler as we are more than aware that a false installation can lead to explosions and even Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Gas Safe Registered Boiler Installers

In 2009 the Gas Safe Registration took over the responsibilities from the Corgi Registration due to a decision made by the government demanding change.

All of the gas engineers we employ to work on boilers in South West London are gas safe registered so if you live in South West London and notice that your boiler isn’t working properly, give us a call and our heating engineers will be out right away to deal with your boiler problem.

Whenever you think that your boiler may need a service, then don’t hesitate to cal 1st Action today.

For boiler repairs South West London call 1st Action as we are usually able to send a gas engineer in South West London within two hours. We pride ourselves in our excellent work and this shows with the range of services we offer. One of which is the call in service. This is designed so that when your boiler develops a problem, you can ring us and we’ll talk you through a few methods and steps to take that may solve the problem over the phone. It is designed to save the customer money, hassle and time as a gas engineer in South West London may not need to be called out. Obviously, there is no guarantee with this service, although if the worst should happen, 1st Action supplies a wide variety of new boilers in South West London.