Emergency Plumbing & Boiler Services in London during severe weather

Emergency Plumbing and Heating Call outs during the bad weather

1st Action are operating an increased heating boiler service

We are operating an increased service of plumbers and heating engineers during this spell of severe weather and additional telephone operators to take your calls.

During these unprecedented weather conditions we recognise the importance to everyone to maintain warm homes and the terrible impact that it can have when outside temperatures drop well below freezing.

It is important that you keep the temperature up in your home and we have increased the numbers of our gas engineers available to come to your assistance.

Check our Consumer Advice for precautions to take

As you can imagine we are experiencing a higher  than normal level of calls to deal with but are working hard to cover all these calls as quickly as possible and maintain our emergency service of two hours but access to some homes in the area has been proving difficult.

If you have booked a call from us and our engineer is having problems we will  keep you informed and remember we will be doing all we can to get to your assistance.