St Paul’s EC4

our company has only gas safe registered engineers who are able to deal with any gas boiler in St Paul’s EC4
experienced gas engineers.
our company has been repairing central heating boilers in St Paul’s EC4 now more than 20 years so we know about your boiler and 1st action know about St Paul’s EC4 area.

Over the previous twenty years the heating industry has been subjected to lots of developments as science has developed and all of us are aware of more of the hazards of improperly fitted gas installations. Our engineers used to go to homes with dangerous old boilers fixed above the bath and spewing out either dangerously hot water or lots of noise and scalding steam. These gas geezers would now all be condemned as hazardous but they were common in the large St Paul’s EC4 houses often made to flats.

Boilers in St John’s Wood NW8

St John’s Wood NW8 New Boilers

With a modern day combi boiler, you can expect it to provide a consistent supplies of hot water and heating throughout the home while requiring very little attention or inspections. They can usually just sit in the corner of the kitchen and be running without making a noise.

First Rate Gas Boilers

Our cheap boilers only use as much fuel as it needs to provide hot water and heating to your household. They do this so that there is no unused gas that could possibly be released into the atmosphere or you home. We have a selection of St John’s Wood NW8 boiler experts that have repaired boilers in St John’s Wood NW8 for well over 17 years now. This has given our employees the experience and skills in which they utilise everyday in St John’s Wood NW8. Yet addition to our repair service, we also stock a variety of cheap boilers.

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Danger of St John’s Wood NW8 Boilers

Over the previous twenty years in St John’s Wood NW8 we have witnessed lots of advances as science has progressed and everyone is now aware much more of the dangers of inadequate boiler installations.

Un-professional Boiler Installations

1st Action have visited homes in the past whereby the boiler they have is an old style one. This boiler more often than not either produces extremely hot boiling water or nothing at all. Due to this, under today’s modern standards, many of the boilers in St John’s Wood NW8 would be deemed dangerous, despite their popularity.

Today we are so aware of the risks of potential explosions and the horrors of Carbon Monoxide poisoning that we check all gas installations very thoroughly whenever we make a visit.

Boiler Installers whom are Gas Safe Registered

For many years the Corgi registration was the only qualification for a gas engineer but in 2009 the government decided to make changes and the Gas Safe Register took over the responsibility for the qualification.

At 1st Action all our gas engineers carrying out boiler repairs in St John’s Wood NW8 are Gas Safe Registered.

If you are in St John’s Wood NW8 and your central heating boiler is not working properly give us a call and our heating engineers will soon be round to sort it out.

If you think that it should be serviced also give us a call and we will arrange to come and give it a full service ready for the winter.

1st Action have many years of experience in boiler repairs St John’s Wood NW8 and in most cases be in a position to send out a gas engineer in St John’s Wood NW8 in less than 2 hours. In addition to the other services, we offer a call in service. This is because sending a gas engineer out to you in St John’s Wood NW8 isn’t always the best solution. In some cases with brand leaders such as Baxi or Ariston, a set of carefully explained steps can be taken over the phone and could solve the problem. If this fails to work and the boiler cannot be repaired then we have a range of new boilers in St John’s Wood NW8.