Condensing Boilers

What are condensing boilers?
Energy efficient Boilers
Condensing boilers are considered to be the most energy efficient Central Heating boilers currently on the market.

This high level of efficiency is created by removing the wasted heat from the fuel it is burning and also cooling the products of the combustion, which is normally wasted up the flue, so much so that the water vapour turns into liquid which happens at around 55°C.

For a boiler to cool the flue emissions to this extent, it must have a larger, more efficient heat exchanger than a traditional boiler.

Why aren’t all manufactured boilers condensing?
Installing a condensing boiler requires additional features not needed for a traditional boiler:
Because the liquid water, the condensate,has to be removed safely from the boiler the design includes the use of materials not normally used in traditional boilers.
It is necessary to have a fan to remove the flues products
Larger heat exchangers cost more to make so the boilers are often higher in price .
What makes a condensing boiler more efficient?
The main benefit of a condensing boiler is obtained from the water vapour turning into liquid and giving up energy. This is called latent heat and is added to the rest making the condensing boiler maybe 15% more efficient than a modern non-condensing one. Simply the more efficient the boiler, the less fuel it uses,and the less carbon dioxide it produces.

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Richard says:
1 April, 2011 at 20:56
Hi Claudia, If you have any doubt at all about your gas boiler it really should be dealt with by a gas safe registered engineer who will have the experience and knowledge to get the right reading and deal with it. The gas analyser should really show typical values of carbon monoxide of .0004% and CO2 of 6.60% but the best indicator for you is probably the colour of the flame. A light blue flame indicates good combustion and an orange flame suggests you might have a problem so if that is the case call us asap on 0208 4198 986 we can check it out and perhaps service your boiler which might be your only problem

Claudia White says:
1 April, 2011 at 15:59
I have a Potterton Lynx2 boiler. What should be the reading for carbon dioxide inside the flues?