Cheap Boilers

What is a cheap Central heating Boiler?

It is a question that we all ask ourselves when the time comes to fit or refit a new cheap central heating boiler. We are bombarded with advertisers who offer so many variations and add-on extras to make their price look better that we just wonder what is a discount boiler

A Boiler installed by 1st Action really can be a Cheap Boiler
Always be careful when you are listening to a salesman who has come to carry out a survey and sell you a new boiler. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any doubts or don’t understand what he is selling you. Always make sure that you get the best boiler.

See our pages of boiler offers to give you some idea of our prices of new installed cheap vaillant boilers or phone us on 0207 060 0707
Remember that the only cheap boiler for you is the right one for your property that is properly fitted and works well for years to come. When you need a last minute boiler,1st Action can help by providing you with a bargain boiler from our wide range.

The cost of a boiler does not make it a cheap gas boiler
The cost of the boiler does not necessarily make it a cheap boiler gas.

What you need to know when ordering a new Gas Central heating boiler
Some of the questions you need to ask when buying a new boiler:-

Is it powerful enough to heat my property in winter when its below freezing outside?
What is its energy rating? Remember ‘A’ rated means 92% and above fuel efficient, ‘B ‘rated is 81% to 91%, ‘C’ rated is 70% to 80% efficient. The more efficient the less your fuel usage!
How large is it and can it fit where my old one fitted?
Does it come with a guarantee?
How long is the guarantee?
Does that cover parts and labour?
Who is making the guarantee – manufacturer or installer?
Will I need to have the plumbing changed?
Is my existing central heating system suitable for the new boiler?
How long will it take to install?
Is this price for everything that we have discussed and I will not be asked to pay for extra work or time spent here?
Please give us a call at 1st Action for a professional service to make sure that you get a cheap water heater.

You will always find someone who will tell you how to get a cheap boiler but please be careful. It must be fitted by a Gas Safe Registered engineer and it must be the right cheap heater for YOU –

Please rely on the experts call us on 0207 060 0707 for a free quotation

cheap boilers
cheap boilers
Cheap Combi boiler

If your boiler has broken and you are not sure if you need boiler repairs or a new boiler, don’t leave it to chance, call a reputable London plumbers company who will provide you with all the options. Sometimes it is cheaper to get a new boiler installed but more often than not a repair is all it needs. When faced with the hassle of knowing your boiler has given up the goose and you have to replace you don’t have to go for the most expensive on the market, there are many cheap boilers available that do just as good a job but don’t have the big name branding that hikes the price up. Please be aware however that there also many cheap boilers that are cheap for a reason and this is where 1st Action will advise you, we will discuss with you the budget you have and look to find you the best deal to suit your needs and requirements. Some boiler installations can be quite difficult when going from one brand to another but this shouldn’t be an issue to the client this is what your London plumbers should worry about after all they are the professionals. We prefer to work with what the client wants not what makes the job easier, however that doesn’t mean we make a small job in to a big one as this in our opinion is just as bad. This is why at 1st Action we feel it is imperative to give all the facts to the client and then YOU can decide the best course of action we will take with your cheap boiler heating.

Vaillant boilers

The Vaillant Boilers are synonymous with quality and affordability, also being one of the leading brands of boilers our heating engineers can carry out essential boiler repairs or offer any model of Vaillant cheap boilers for installation. At 1st Action our fully qualified London plumbers will have all the information you need on most of the Vaillant range and which cheap burner suits your requirements best.

Worcester Bosch

The Worcester Bosch boilers are one of the most popular brands of boilers currently on the market, with the main types of boilers being oil boilers and gas boilers. Our heating engineers have been on courses provided by Worcester Bosch to ensure our engineers are up to date with the necessary skills to carry out all boiler repairs whether that is to the top of the range boiler or one their cheap boilers. All boilers that are professionally installed will do a job for you but it really depends on what you need from your boiler that should determine which one you buy.

Potterton Boilers

The Potterton range of boilers are known to be one of the easiest and quickest boilers to install on the market, they rate very highly with efficiency and are a fantastic solution if you require reasonably cheap boilers. The product you get for the money you spend is what makes these highly sought after boilers even more desirable. If you also take in to consideration the maintenance with easy to carry out boiler repairs there is no question that Potterton are big players in the market.


Ariston is arguably one the most widely available boiler brands in the UK if not the world. They offer a large variety of products including Band A rated high efficiency condensing gas boilers that are relatively simple to install and easy on the pocket should you need any boiler repairs. All in all for a reasonably cheap boiler with heaps of ability you can’t go far wrong with an Ariston

Cheap boiler Baxi

At Baxi they offer a range of high efficiency superb quality cheap boilers, from combi condensing boilers right through to their very popular gas boilers they have a heating solution for almost everyone. With easy install and simple boiler repairs the Baxi boiler offers quality and reliability making the Baxi another boiler in the most wanted list!


Megaflow has been producing top quality cheap boilers for many years and our engineers know these boilers very well. We have fit hundreds of the Megaflow range over the years and been called out to nearly as many boiler repairs. This is not uncommon for any boiler to need maintenance etc but we often find that our free over the phone boiler repair service fixes most common issues with the Megaflow boilers so we do find them very cost effective for our clients.

Of course nobody is going to give away a free boiler, but with 1st Action, you come the closest. Looking for a disposable boiler, low boiler, used boiler, teletext boiler or cheap stove? Then look no further as 1st Action will be an a good position to provide you with a cost effective heating solution.

5 thoughts on “Cheap Boilers”
Cyril says:
6 April, 2011 at 15:53
Thanks a lot guys for the boiler. I got one cheap boiler from you and i know I could have paid a lot more from the main street plumbing company. All is working great now and am looking forward to warm nights and a hot bath!
cheers – Cyril

Cyril says:
4 April, 2011 at 15:25
I am looking for a cheap boiler for my home as the one i have is not working. I have been told that i need a condensing boiler and i was hoping that you would be able to give me the right advice on what type of cheap condensing boilers you have available. I only need a cheap boiler as I have a one bedroom apartment so I do not need the fancy ones you would place in large famiuly homes. All you help will be much appreciated. And do you also install the boiler if we buy it from you or do i need to get a boiler installations expert in to do that seperately?


Dan says:
4 April, 2011 at 15:39
Hi Cyril

Thanks for you email.

We would be able to arrange an apointment to visit your property to carry out a free quotation to remove your current boiler and supply and fit a new one.

You can find out the range of boilers we use on our Cheap Boilers page of the website. If you were to arrange a visit, our quotation engineer would also advise you of the best options for your property.

If you would us to attend your property and carry out a free quotation, please call us on 0208 4198 986.


Dan @ 1st Action

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