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our company has gas safe registered plumbers who are able to deal with your boiler near Belsize Park NW3.
qualified engineers.
our company has been mending central heating boilers in Belsize Park NW3 now more than 20 years and our staff know about your boiler and we know about Belsize Park NW3 area.

boilerOver the last twenty years the heating industry has seen lots of improvements as science has progressed and all of us are aware of more of the risk of improperly fitted installations. We used to visit premises with huge old gas geezers installed above the bath and creating either scalding hot water or lots of noise and scalding steam. These gas geezers would now all be condemned as dangerous but they were very common in the large Belsize Park NW3 premises often changed to studios.

Belsize Park NW3 boilers

New Boilers in Belsize Park NW3

A modern combi boiler that provides both hot water and heating to every corner in the house sits quietly in the kitchen and practically without any noise is expected to carry on for an indefinite period and with very little attention.

High efficiency boilers

Our boilers only use as much fuel as it needs to provide hot water and heating to your household. They do this so that there is no unused gas that could possibly be released into the atmosphere or you home. We have a selection of Belsize Park NW3 boiler experts that have repaired boilers in Belsize Park NW3 for well over 17 years now. This has given our employees the experience and skills in which they utilise everyday in Belsize Park NW3. Yet addition to our repair service, we also stock a variety of cheap boilers.

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Belsize Park NW3 Boiler Dangers

An inadequate boiler can be quite dangerous and harmful and this is a fact that we have learned in Belsize Park NW3 over the last twenty years or so. This is because the technological advance of science has provided us with evidence that proves this.

Dangerous Boiler Installations

1st Action has visited homes in the past whereby the boiler they have is an old style one. This boiler more often than not either produces extremely hot boiling water or nothing at all. Due to this, under today’s modern standards, many of the boilers in Belsize Park NW3 would be deemed dangerous, despite their popularity.

Any time that 1st Action makes a visit we always thoroughly inspect the installation of the boiler as we are more than aware that a false installation can lead to explosions and even Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Boiler Installers whom are Gas Safe Registered

In 2009 the Gas Safe Registration took over the responsibilities from the Corgi Registration due to a decision made by the government demanding change.

If you are in Belsize Park NW3 and you discover that your central heating boiler is not functioning correctly, then do not hesitate to give us a call. All of our gas engineers that perform boiler repairs in Belsize Park NW3 are gas safe registered so you know you’re in good hands. Our heating engineers will be on their way to you as fast as possible.

Whenever you think that your boiler may need a service, then don’t hesitate to cal 1st Action today.

We always aim to get a gas engineer in Belsize Park NW3 out to you within two hours. We are usually able to do this as we have a lot of experience in boiler repairs Belsize Park NW3. 1st Action go the extra mile for their customers and this is why we offer a call in service so when you discover a problem you can call us and we will talk you through various tips and methods over the phone. This may save you a lot of time, hassle and money as you may not need to have a gas engineer in Belsize Park NW3 called out. However in the event that the worst happens, don’t worry as 1st Action have a wide range of boilers in Belsize Park NW3 that we can supply you with.