we employ gas safe registered plumbers who are ready to deal with any gas boiler in Alexandra Palace N22
experienced engineers.
our company has been replacing central heating boilers in Alexandra Palace N22 more than 20 years so our engineers know about boilers so we know about Alexandra Palace N22 area.


Over the last twenty years the boiler industry has been subjected to lots of changes as research has developed and everyone is aware of more of the hazards of improperly fitted gas installations. Our engineers used to go to properties with great ancient boilers hung above the bath and producing either dangerously hot water or lots of noise and scalding steam. These gas geezers would now be condemned as very unsafe yet they were very usual in the large Alexandra Palace N22 houses often changed to bed-sits.

Alexandra Palace N22

Alexandra Palace N22 New Boilers

With a modern day combi boiler, you can expect it to provide a consistent supplies of hot water and heating throughout the home while requiring very little attention or inspections. They can usually just sit in the corner of the kitchen and be running without making a noise.

Highly Competent Boilers

Our boilers only use as much fuel as it needs to provide hot water and heating to your household. They do this so that there is no unused gas that could possibly be released into the atmosphere or you home. We have a selection of Alexandra Palace N22 boiler experts that have repaired Alexandra Palace N22 for well over 17 years now. This has given our employees the experience and skills in which they utilise everyday in Alexandra Palace N22. Yet addition to our repair service, we also stock a variety of cheap boilers.

For fantastic new prices, visit our Special Boiler Offers page.

Possible Dangers with Alexandra Palace N22 Boilers

An inadequate boiler can be quite dangerous and harmful and this is a fact that we have learned in Alexandra Palace N22 over the last twenty years or so. This is because the technological advance of science has provided us with evidence that proves this.

Unsafe Boiler installations

In years gone by, we have paid visits to flats where there has been a very old boiler fixed on the wall. This either will give the house boiling hot water or nothing at all. Under the modern day standards, many of the Alexandra Palace N22 properties would be deemed as dangerous.

Any time that 1st Action makes a visit we always thoroughly inspect the installation of the boiler as we are more than aware that a false installation can lead to explosions and even Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Boiler Installers whom are Gas Safe Registered

For a lot of years, the Corgi registration was the number one qualification for a gas engineer, but in 2009 the Gas Safe Register took over following the decision by the government that changes had to be made.

Should you live in Alexandra Palace N22 and your gas boiler breaks, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call. More often than not we’ll be able to send our heating engineers out right away. Anyone we employ to work on Alexandra Palace N22 is gas safe registered to ensure maximum satisfaction and the top standard of service.

If you’re getting anxious about the winter months and suspect that your boiler may need a service, we’ll be happy to help.

Due to our many years of experience in repairing boilers Alexandra Palace N22 which has helped us get into a position where should you need a gas engineer in Alexandra Palace N22 then we’ll usually be able to send someone within 2 hours. If your boiler develops a fault, you may not necessarily need a gas engineer in Alexandra Palace N22 as we offer a service where you can call us and we’ll go through some tips and methods over the phone that may actually solve your problem saving you the expense and hassle of having a call out. Although if worst does come to worst and you need a new boiler then we can supply you with one of our Alexandra Palace N22 range.

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