Aldgate EC3 Boiler

Nowadays a combi boiler can provide heating and hot water to an entire household yet make virtually no noise at all. It can go months and months without an inspection and very little attention.

First Rate Boilers

The cheap boilers we supply are all extremely efficient and work to the highest standard in today’s market. They use a very small amount of fuel so that there is no wasted gas that might possible be released into the atmosphere or worse yet, your home. 1st Action have been working in Aldgate EC3 for well over seventeen years now and have been repairing, installing and servicing boilers in Aldgate EC3 the whole time. This valuable experience has helped us become the industry leader in which we are today.

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Danger of Aldgate EC3 Boilers

During the past 20 years or so in Aldgate EC3, 1st Action have witnessed the advance of science and this has led to more individuals becoming more aware of the potential dangers of a sub-par boiler.

Un-professional Boiler Installations

In the past, 1st Action have visited flats where there is an old style gas heater installed on the wall in poor condition. This gas water heater would either produce no water at all or absolutely boiling hot water. Although these gas heaters were quite common in the Aldgate EC3 properties, they are known to be dangerous by today’s standards.

1st Action are very aware of the real life dangers that can come with a flawed boiler installation. There are potential explosions and even the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. It is because of this that we check everything so thoroughly.

Gas Safe Registered Boiler Installers

In the past, the Corgi Registration was the qualification to have for heating engineers although in recent years (2009 to be exact) the government decided they wanted change and so the Gas Safe Registration took over the responsibilities of the Corgi registration up until 2009 when the government demanded change, the Corgi Registration was the only qualification for the gas engineer. In 2009 the as Safe registration took over all of the responsibilities.

All of the gas engineers we employ to work on boilers in Aldgate EC3 are gas safe registered so if you live in Aldgate EC3 and notice that your boiler isn’t working properly, give us a call and our heating engineers will be out right away to deal with your boiler problem.

If you think that it should be serviced also give us a call and we will arrange to come and give it a full service ready for the winter.

For boiler repairs Aldgate EC3 call 1st Action as we are usually able to send a gas engineer in Aldgate EC3 within two hours. 1st Action go the extra mile for their customers and this is why we offer a call in service so when you discover a problem you can call us and we will talk you through various tips and methods over the phone. This may save you a lot of time, hassle and money as you may not need to have a gas engineer in Aldgate EC3 called out. However in the event that the worst happens, don’t worry as 1st Action have a wide range of boilers in Aldgate EC3 that we can supply you with.