Letter from the Chairmans Office
London Plumbers argue in court

I was surprised and disappointed to see two London plumbing firms arguing in public over celebrity customers.

We would like to reassure all our 1st Action customers that their information is absolutely safe with us.

As one of London’s leading plumbing firms, 1st Action has been established in the capital for over fifteen years and we try to treat all our customers as ‘celebrities’

We believe our clients are quite free to use whoever they choose to provide them with the service to solve their plumbing or heating emergency and it is our privilege to be chosen.
25,000 Customers in London choose 1st Action

We are delighted that over 25,000 customers in London each year choose 1st Action.

We have very sophisticated computer software to protect the information that is given to us by all our customers and this information is never disclosed to any other parties.

All our administrative staff with access to this confidential information sign confidentiality agreements within their contracts of employment and would certainly be prosecuted through the courts if we had any evidence of such a breach. I have to say though that in fifteen years we have never had such a case.

We spend many hundreds of thousands of pounds each year advertising our telephone number in directories, the internet and newspapers to make sure that it is easily available to customers who will usually be needing it in an emergency.

I can understand that Mr Mullins would feel aggrieved if after such an expense his customers were being stolen or even being taken unfairly but I can’t help asking whether there is another hidden agenda in this action which he has decided to play out so publicly. We would not possibly condone theft of any confidential data that might give a commercial advantage and if this is the case it should be properly dealt with but I don’t think that it does any of us any favours to make the dispute so public before anything is proved.

The legal fees in these cases reach astronomic proportions and I recall advice given to me many years ago that such legal battles are either for the very rich or very foolish and perhaps Mr Mullins feels that he is now the former and feels he wants to eliminate a new upstart.
1st Action Undertaking

Just let me reassure all our own ‘celebrity’ customers that we respect your privacy and unless one day Her Majesty should give us a Royal Warrant we do not believe that you would wish us to publicise your patronage or that we were entitled to claim your continuing loyalty on anything but merit.

Whilst we understand that some high profile people in the world of films and TV believe that any publicity is good publicity we can’t believe that your publicist would choose to see you as a subject in a squabble between two plumbers who you may have employed to stick their heads down your loo.

We have been the chosen plumbers for hundreds of thousands of happy Londoners over 15 years and look forward to serving the capital for many years to come.

If you are looking for a Plumber in London to handle your emergency without a fuss and in absolute confidence call us.

Richard Clarke