A British Family hear that the court hearing into the tragic death of their two children by carbon monoxide poisoning is adjourned in Corfu
I am sure that our hearts went out to the parents of the two children who so tragically died in their sleep during the family holiday to Corfu.

This week they heard that despite a two year wait for the hearing in Corfu to establish the reasons for this accident, that the case was to be adjourned for a further six months.

Whether we are a parent or a landlord we can only imagine the terrible loss that this couple have suffered. They themselves had been in deep comas for five days, when they recovered to be told that both their children had been taken in the tragedy must have been unbearable grief .

In the UK it is the law that all gas equipment must be tested by a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer to ensure that such tragedies don’t happen here so it is so important that these checks are properly carried out.

Whether it is the heating boiler inn your own home or you are a landlord renting out your property don’t shirk your responsibilty. If you have even the slightest doubt call out a Gas Safe heating Engineer immediately to check you out. I’m sure no one could live with themselves for causing such a grievous loss.

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