Controls that Save Energy

Energy Saving Control Equipment

The Government recognises that installing modern control systems on your heating system gives you benefits in saving energy.

These energy saving devices attract a reduced rate of VAT to encourage you to have them installed.

What are Energy Saving Controls ?

These controls include:

  • Thermostatic radiator valves that allow you to regulate the temperature in each room rather than just a central thermostat,
  • Computer driven controls and programmers to regulate exactly when your system is operating to suit your lifestyle.
  • Wireless digistats that can send information back to the boiler from anywhere in the house to control your environment and help save ours.

Gains from Energy Saving Control Equipment

Up dating your boiler and investing in new control equipment has proven advantages with savings currently estimated over £285 per annum.

That means that if we have a 5% inflation on our energy bills over the next five years you are likely to save up to £2000 on your fuel bill.

If the boiler has a ten year life, which it certainly should have, the savings could be over £4,000 over the old inefficient boiler systems.

Guide Prices for some Energy Control Equipment

  • Thermostatic radiator valves per radiator from        £27 including VAT
  • To install new controls and programmer from         £420 including VAT
  • Honeywell wireless digistat from                               £165 including VAT
  • The following installations do not benefit from the Reduced rate of VAT but are certainly worth considering as part of your system upgrade

  • Powerflush from                         £260 including VAT
  • Magnaclean                                 £135 including VAT
  • To install new radiator from £145 including VAT
  • Call us today on 0800 1 123 999 for advice on energy saving control equipment
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