Be more energy efficient

How energy efficient is your home

10 Easy Points of Advice to save energy in your home

  1. The greatest loss of heat is through draughts – windows and doors so firstly stop draughts.
  2. Make sure that your loft is properly insulated – you lose a lot of heat through the ceilings upstairs
  3. Consider double glazing if at all possible – secondary double glazing is available for older windows including sash.
  4. If you can’t install double glazing use heavy curtains – preferably with thermo linings
  5. Check the efficiency of your gas boiler – at least have it serviced regularly
  6. Install efficient boiler controls – thermostats and timers
  7. Make sure that each room temperature is being controlled – install thermostatic radiator valves
  8. Make sure that your radiators are working properly – remove air locks and be prepared to have a power flush to clean out the pipes and radiators.
  9. Dripping taps and showers waste water and often hot water – renew tap washers where necessary.
  10. Get your plumber to investigate your toilet cistern as modern cisterns have dual flush capability to saves water.

There are now various alternative fuel systems available including solar power, wind power, ground source heat pumps, and bio mass fuel burners but these all need major decisions to install by expert experienced installer. They also represent major investments in the future for home owners.

Phone us on 0800 1 123 99 for more information on these energy sources but firstly take care of the ten points we list as most important and least expensive whether you require cheap boilers or a new central heating system installation our heating engineers are local saving you time and costs.

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