Drain Services

Our drain services are operated by our fully trained and proficiency tested emergency Drainage Engineers and are available for you – 7 Days a week for 24 Hours a day
We can clear drains quickly and efficiently whether it’s clearing Blocked Drains, Blocked Toilets or clearing waste pipes.
Free phone call now to 0800 1123 999 and speak to your local engineer

Drains Service

We have been supplying our drains service for 20 years and although it is never a pleasant job clearing a blocked drain or smelly drain it can be a real health hazard that must be dealt with quickly.

If your drains are working properly they should not smell foul

Our drainage engineers in London, who carry out the drains service, know how drains operate and have the correct equipment to leave you with clean drains.

The Drain Service Equipment used

In addition to conventional Drain Rods, our Drainage engineers carry Hi-Tech High Pressure Drain Jetting Equipment which can be used to clear even the worst blockages. It pumps a high pressure flow of water down the drain to blast through the blockage.

The drainage engineers also carry Sanisnake Equipment to quickly clear blocked drains on toilets and hard to reach kitchen or bathroom waste traps particularly clearing shower waste pipes

Best Prices for drainage work

We do not charge for call-out to your door but hourly rates are charged for carrying out any work.

Any remedial work on Drainage Systems is priced for you before the work is started

Note – Insurance Claims on Damaged drains

For many people a drainage system that has been damaged may be the subject of a claim under their household insurance policy. We will help you with your claim if it is appropriate.

5% OAP Discount – Ask when booking your job


Drainage London

At 1st Action Maintenance the experience and ability we have in the plumbing field is second to none. We understand the needs of our customers and we endeavour to provide the type of quality service we expect when we call out any emergency service. There are too many cowboy outfits out there charging whatever they wish to clean drains, unblock drains or even rebuild collapsed drainage systems. Whatever the job no matter how big or small, we’re just a simple call away to fix your drainage problem. All of our plumbers are fully trained and completely equipped and ready deal with any type of blockage 24 hours a day.

1st Action London drainage services we have built our reputation on the back of honest hard work and giving our customers the best possible service with costs always agreed before we carry out any work so no nasty surprises.

If you need assistance with any of the following or would like to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 1123 999.

Chamber Cover Replacement
Surface Cleaning
Flood Clearance
Vacuum Tanker Works
Blockage Clearance & Drain Maintenance 

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