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Regent’s Park NW1 Boilers

Regent’s Park NW1 New Boilers

A modern combi boiler to supply both hot water and heating to each corner in any house sits quietly in the kitchen and almost without noise we expect it to run for indefinite period and with no our attention.

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High efficient boiler

We assume it to use low amount of fuel or burn so cleanly as it does not produce any unburned gasses into the atmosphere and of course nothing into the room either smells or dirt.

Experienced boiler engineers

We have been repairing central heating boilers in Regent’s Park NW1 now for over 20 years so we know about boilers and we know about Regent’s Park NW1.

Even in the last twenty years we have seen many changes as science has moved on and we are all aware of more of the dangers of poor gas installations.It was common for us to visit properties with large old gas boilers fixed above the bath and producing either scalding hot water or nothing. These boilers would now all be condemned as dangerous but they were very common in the large Regent’s Park NW1 properties often divided into bed-sits

Today we are so aware of the dangers of possible explosions and the fear of Carbon Monoxide poisoning that we check all gas installations very carefully whenever we are called out.

For many years the Corgi membership was the accredited qualification for a gas engineer but in 2009 the government decided to make changes and the Gas Safe Register took over the responsibility for the qualification.

At 1st Action all our gas engineers carrying out boiler repairs in Regent’s Park NW1 area are Gas Safe Registered.

When looking for Local plumbers London and more specifically boiler repairs Regents Park then you need look no further than 1st Action Maintenance. Our company is long established with a fantastic enviable reputation that was built on old fashioned values offering our clients an excellent service for an affordable fee. When you need cheap boilers or quality heating engineers for any plumbing issues you have then you can rest assured that a call to us will give you the most honest and reliable service any plumbing company in London has to offer. With our clear and precise pricing along with the on the phone support you really will get excellent value for money. This and the fact we are 100% reliable is why so many old and new customers use us time and again.

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