CO-Gas Safety at the House of Lords

CO-Gas Safety tea at the House of Lords

I was delighted to attend a charity tea at the House of Lords last week when prizes were awarded to 3 young primary school pupils who were winners of  a poster competition organised by CO-Gas Safety to promote awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide in the home.

We were welcomed by Baroness Maddock and the CO-Gas Safety President Stephanie Trotter OBE who congratulated the prizewinners on their success.

It is already well known that we have called for much greater awareness of the dangers of Carbon monoxide in the home as the result of a badly serviced boiler or a flue that was not properly fitted.

It seems that each year at our engineers seminars we emphasise the dangers of not doing the job properly when installing a new boiler or servicing an older one. The charity CO-Gas Safety has been set up some 17 years ago to highlight these dangers in all forms of combustion in the home created for heating whatever the fuel.

They produce each year detailed statistics based on their own information tracking each death caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. They promote both awareness in the community and spend time lobbying paliament to do more to prevent.

Please do noy forget that if you are suffering headaches, nausea or just tiredness that seems to last day after day it might just be that it is possibly being caused by your boiler,

Please have your boiler serviced regularly and if you have any doubts at all over it please call us and we will loook after it all for you,

Best regards

Richard Clarke