Sainsbury’s Home Insurance reports cost of Rogue trader plumbers in London

We know we are often on about it but Sainsbury’s Home Insurance have just confirmed it. In their survey they have found that rogue traders in London who are masquerading as plumbers are the greatest cause of complaints.

They are not proper London plumbers but 20% of the people polled in London had experienced these dodgy workers botching jobs that the report estimates cost £737 million a year to fix. This is reported to affect 6.2 million people a year in the UK

The survey found that London has the worst recored where 20% of those polled had been victims of substandard work compared to 13% across Britain.

Ben Tyte of Sainsbury’s Home Insurance urged homeowners to use only reputable traders.

He said: “We’re concerned so many homeowners have to rectify poor workmanship carried out by people they’ve employed in good faith to work in their homes. It’s completely unacceptable the remedial costs are exceeding £700 million.”

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