Are people taking risks with gas boiler installations

It is so sad to hear of more cases in the courts of death by Carbon Monoxide poisoning.On this recent case we absolutely support the need for a boiler to be either passed as suitable and safe or condemned as unsafe. The warning may seem convenient to the customer as it gives them time to decide about a new boiler installation but can put their lives at risk if they choose to ignore it.

A gas engineer who has any doubts about a boiler’s operation must be able to condemn it to ensure that the consumer is protected and in turn the engineer cannot be held responsible for allowing the boiler to remain operational.

The Government should bring in legislation that would protect the consumer and the industry.

The survey running on our website suggests that despite all the warnings and legislation on who can work on a gas boiler over 25% say that they would use unqualified engineers to repair their boiler.

Our engineers see many dangerous boiler installations – people must take this matter more seriously.

A well installed gas boiler is as safe as houses – a badly installed boiler can kill you in your own home