Carbon Monoxide Week

We have been asked to comment by a number of publications on the importance of taking precautions against the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

We service, install and maintain many thousands of boilers in London both as gas engineers for landlords and home owners.

Poor Quality Gas boiler Installations

We believe that the greatest dangers arise through the poor quality of gas installations and a lack of servicing of gas central heating boilers.

A properly installed and serviced boiler is completely safe

A gas boiler properly serviced by a gas safe registered engineer in London should pose no problems but the danger in a boiler that is not working properly and has a faulty flue can easily prove to be the cause of a fatal accident that can wipe out a whole family.

Website Poll says over 25% are prepared to risk unqualified engineers

We do not want to alarmist but are concerned that in a survey conducted on our website over 25% of people taking part said that they would be prepared to ask a non qualified plumber to work on their boiler.

Please do not put your life and that of your family at risk. Make sure anyone who works on your boiler is a Gas Safe registered engineer.