A new character joins the 1st Action team

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1st action Engineers meet at Ruislip Golf Centre

1st Action held a seminar for all its engineers at the Ruislip Golf Centre last week

Richard Clarke the company chairman told the meeting of gas engineers that 2010/11 would be about delivering a better customer service. He reminded the engineers that the company operated in very competitive market and they could look forward to a year when service would be the keyword.

He introduced Emma Carter and Jonathan Posner from the marketing firm Beyond Creative thinking who showed the meeting the new images for the advertising campaign for the new year. They pointed out that there had been a change in plumbers getting to their customers as the use of the internet increased and people used the trade directories less.

We want our customers to note our telephone numbers and log them into their phones when they don’t need us so that we will be there when they do.

The meeting was introduced to the new action telephone character that was to become a major part of the future advertising campaign