Install Bathrooms with a Wow! not a How?

Wonderful Modern Bathroom Designs

You may have noticed that nearly all the modern bathroom designs manage without any pipes. Water just appears when you turn on a most wonderfully sculptured tap and disappears just as easily through a small hole in the sink or floor.

Of course this is the illusion that we want to create and in lots of wonderful bathrooms and wet rooms we can do just that but here is a warning.

Just like any illusion it is what is happening out of sight that makes the illusion work. In your bathroom illusion there is a network of pipes, pumps, valves and levers making it all happen out of sight. Even more importantly those pipes all are there to carry water which can be very destructive to your property if it leaks out.

1st Action Engineers attend 30,000 plumbing breakdowns every year

In London alone we at 1st Action receive over 30,000 calls a year to provide a plumber to sort out bursts and leaking plumbing that is not working properly.

With design and beautiful tile or marble surfaces as the primary objective some bathroom designers get carried away and forget the complexity of the plumbing, behind the design. All those electric pumps driving the power showers, concealed pipe-work and hidden toilet cisterns can breakdown.

Plumbing problems can be repaired pumps replaced and drains unblocked but our engineers do need to be able to get to the fault and unfortunately we find that creators of many beautiful bathrooms have forgotten to include in their design the access panels to get at these leaks or pumps. The other things that we see being overlooked are isolation valves. These are small valves installed into the pipework carrying the water just before the shower, bath, sink or toilet so that it can easily turned off to carry out work on the unit.

It is now possible to build fantastic bathrooms or wet rooms and create almost any style that you would like and designer style bathroom showrooms can show you the most fantastic and wonderful feature baths, sinks and sanitary ware.

A Problem for your plumber

If you are having a new bathroom installed or even having new tiles please make sure that in the event of a problem your plumber can get at the problem without having to break up the bathroom. It is very difficult to replace original tiling. It never seems to be quite the same and in some cases it can never be the same if you used some special one off materials.