A place at University does not make you a good plumber in London

Is it really so important if you can’t go to University?

As a company employing over 100 staff in London we are concerned that so much fear is being instilled into students who fail to get a university place.

Richard Clarke the company chairman told the meeting of gas engineers that 2010/11 would be about delivering a better customer service

We are a plumbing and property maintenance business and each year we serve some 30,000 London homeowners with a service that is very rarely delivered by university graduates.

London Plumbers can be top earners

Our engineers are all carefully selected as the best in the business but mostly earn at least 150% of the national average and some of those  can earn well in excess of that.

Being a top earner in any profession or industry is never easy and although a good degree at a top university might be the entry to get an interview for a job into some very high earning professions getting an interview doesn’t guarantee success.

Many graduates are finding that getting into the job market is now even harder than getting into university

There are however so many other opportunities for enthusiastic young people who want to work hard, don’t have a degree but want to think for themselves.

The media give false information to students

I believe that both the media and the politicians have joined together to give a completely false impression to young people on the merit of a degree in the world of work and employment.

It’s no good saying that all degrees are of equal merit even if the student has had to pay similar course fees and similar accommodation fees whilst at university and finishes with the same big debt.

The trades may not pay footballers wages but what does? There will always be a demand for plumbers, gas fitters, drainage engineers and electricians, carpenters, plasterers and painters & decorators.

Such businesses actually contribute over £35 billion annually to the UK economy and have an estimated turnover of £215 billion per year so the country does need you even more than the footballers

If you learn the skills and have the right attitude to the work you will always be in demand and if you choose you can easily be your own boss and then you too could become a millionaire without ever going anywhere near a university.