Boiler breakdowns – 1st Action’s most memorable call centre stories

Boiler Breakdown in Snow
Boiler Breakdown in Snow

In January 2010 Britain experienced one of the longest prolonged cold spells since 1996. This meant 1st Actions call centre was inundated with calls about boiler breakdowns and pipes freezing over which called for emergency action from our engineers.

One of the more prominent calls was from an elderly couple that called up during the cold spell complaining about their boiler breakdown and also a feeling of tiredness.

This sounded dangerous and 1st Action was very glad they called.

On arrival at the scene the engineer said it was one of the worst scenes he had ever come across and that there was carbon monoxide leaking into their living room. He immediately cut off their boiler but could not supply the relevant boiler parts until the next day. This prompted our engineer to supply the couple with electric heaters for the night. The boiler was fixed early the next morning and the couple now have a safer boiler.