Chancellor’s Boiler Scrappage Scheme from April 2010

New Boiler – Scrappage Scheme

It has been asked for since July this year and after the tremendous success of the car scrappage scheme Alistair Darling anounced a boiler scrappage scheme for old inefficient boilers in his pre budget announcements today

In his report the Chancellor said

‘Each inefficient boiler adds over £200 to household bills and one tonne of carbon to the atmosphere a year.

Building on our successful car scrappage scheme, I will help up to 125,000 homes replace the most inefficient boilers with new models.’

He has pledged £200 million to improve energy efficiency and tackle fuel poverty by: offering £400 for up to 125,000 households to upgrade their old boilers to the latest efficient models with a greener boiler incentive; and providing extra resources for Warm Front to help 75,000 of the most vulnerable households with heating and insulation.

Answers still needed on Scrappage Scheme

There are still some serious questions that will need answering before the deal can be rolled out to the 125,000 homes that will benefit from the scheme.

We understand that it comes into effect in April 2010 but we need to find out what people should do between now and then and what equipment will qualify and which won’t?

Proof of scrappage on cars was easy as every car had to be taxed and MOT’d at the time of the scrappage but how will boiler scrappage be established?

Like so many Government announcements we are left to wonder whether it has been fully thought through.

We do see it as an excellent help to solve the problem that we encounter almost every day of old inefficient gas boilers that burn too much fuel and are creating too much CO2

Book for New Boiler Scrappage Installations

We will keep you posted and as soon as we have the details will be taking bookings for new installations to make sure that our clients can get their £400 before it runs out.

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