BBC Watchdog and Rogue Trader highlight the importance of the Gas Safe Register

We have continued to argue the importance of using properly qualified gas safe registered boiler engineers and so were delighted to see the BBC programme on 24th September.

The programme included tragic examples of the consequences of badly installed appliances and we saw the representatives of Gas Safe Register demonstrating some of the symptons of bad installations.

Rogue traders then went on to expose two plumbers who were claiming falsely to be Gas Safe Registered gas engineers to their customers both with a history of poor workmanship. Fortunately neither had caused any serious injury from their work but were working on gas installations quite illegally.

We urge everyone to ask their gas engineer to show their ID card and if you have any doubts don’t be afraid to check the card and number either on the Gas Safe website or by phone – the ID card gives these contact addresses.

Gas Boiler Engineers at 1st Action

All 1st Action engineers must carry their 1st Action ID card with them on any call and if they are dealing with a gas boiler will have a Gas Safe card with them as well.

Please ask anyone who you invite into your home for his ID – most cowboys have very pleasant smiles but it doesn’t mean they are who or what they say they are.

Deal only with reputable firms. Don’t risk it – Saving a few pounds could cost you or your family’s lives.