Boiler Maintenance and New Boiler installations


It’s summer at last

It is wonderful to see the better weather in London and Wimbledon bathed in hot sunshine.

Lets hope that the weather stays this way for the rowing at Henley and then the Cowes Sailing Regatta.

Yes its the English summer season and school holidays are about to start but now is the right time to at least think about sorting out your heating system for the winter whilst you could manage without your boiler.

It’s time to sort out your heating system for the Winter

There are lots of good deals around at the moment when the heating firms are at their quietest. It really is a very serious matter that your heating system is working properly – an inefficient system will cost you more on your winter fuel bill.

Boiler Servicing

Have the whole heating system checked – your heating boiler should be serviced every year anyway but ask about the new high efficency boilers, room thermostats and control systems.

Flush through your radiators

It doesn’t take long for a hot water radiator system to get sludged up so think about a regular powerflush to wash out all the sludge that restricts the water flowing through the pipes and get it replaced with clean fresh water.

Special Offers on New Boilers

At 1st Action we have a special offer on new boilers – just click on the icon on the left handside of every page. If you are interested give us a call and we will send one of our advisors to give you a free estimate, in fact he will give you a free quotation for the work to be done that we will hold firm for two months.

Take advantage of the summer by asking about these boiler offers. It is likely to cost you more in the winter when all the plumbers are busy!!!!!!