1st Action helps out

It was a drama at the Brown home in Wembley when they arrived back from holiday to find the heating system wasn’t working and no matter what they tried the pilot light just didn’t want to know and there was no hot water.

The suitcases were full of washing and everyone needed a shower after spending all day in airports or on aeroplanes. A call to 1st Action at 6.30pm had a Gas Safe Registered boiler engineer round within the hour and everything was back working by 8.30.

By 9.30pm after some wonderful Fish and Chips from the chippy and two very tired children now bathed and tucked up in their own beds, Mum and Dad sat down to watch News at Ten.

The call centre at 1st Action was delighted to receive a thank you call at 11.00pm but rest assured Mr Brown the pleasure is ours